[WLTX NEWS 19] Big Redd Launches The Indie Ground

Kevin "Big Redd" Felder has started a new movement for independent artist in South Carolina. It's called the Indie Ground.

For his first project, he invited musicians and independent artists to sit down and listen to people in the music.

Columbia Hip Hop artist FatRat Da Czar, WFMV 95.3 FM's Tony Gee and Sloane Spencer from Country Fried Rok spent a little over an hour giving insight to the ever changing music industry.

"This is the launch of the Indie Ground," says Felder. "So it's been on my heart for over a year now. I've been in the music industry for about six years now, a lot of trial and error. At this point in my career I just wanted to create a platform for emerging artist and independent artist as myself to be able to gain information about the music industry so that they can apply it sooner and accelerate their career."

Big Redd hopes this can be a platform that artists can use to grow.

Kevin Felder